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The easy way to do your airport shopping.

Don't worry about weight restrictions or airline baggage allowances.

Buy anything you want from any of the shops in the airport and we will store it for you, free of charge. Then just collect it when you arrive back from your trip abroad.

With Shop & Collect, there is no excuse not to buy that perfume, pair of shoes, suit or any other item that you really, really want.

**** Please note that the Shop & Collect service is only available to passengers travelling within the European Union. ****

Where to collect your purchases?

You will need to have photo identification, as well as proof of purchase, in order to collect your goods from the collection point


Terminal 1 - The Shop & Collect desk in the Arrivals Hall

Terminal 2 - In the Loop shop, just after leaving the Baggage Hall and immediately after exiting the Customs checkpoint

Phone: +353 1 814 5735
E-mail: theloop.dublin@daa.ie


Arrivals Hall - Information Desk

Phone: +353 21 4329645
E-mail: theloop.cork@daa.ie

**** Please note that the Shop & Collect service is only available to passengers travelling within the European Union. ****

This is a free service available to all passengers travelling within the EU. It isn’t available to passengers travelling to non EU destinations as all liquor and tobacco has to be exported to avail of the duty free prices.

Similarly any VAT relief on non duty free products such as perfume for passengers flying outside the EU can only be obtained if the product is exported, so we don’t offer the Shop and Collect service in this scenario.

However we pass on VAT savings to all our customers by offering discounts of 15-20% on high street prices for fragrances, skincare and make-up. In this way, all customers benefit from low prices, not just those travelling to duty free destinations.

Today’s duty free passenger is a duty paid passenger next month and all our customers benefit. If we only passed on savings to duty free customers then prices would rise in our stores for about 80% of passengers. By passing the savings across the business everyone benefits. 

This single price policy ensures that all passengers irrespective of their destination make significant savings when shopping at The Loop. Four out of five passengers departing from Dublin and Cork airports are travelling to duty EU destinations, so the majority of passengers benefit from this policy


The Loop Statement on VAT and Airport Shopping

Duty free shopping within the European Union ended in 1999 and in 2014 (81% of passengers using Dublin Airport (and 93% of Cork Airport passengers) travelled to duty paid destinations, i.e. intra EU countries.

Within The Loop shops operated by ARI Ireland at Dublin and Cork Airports, we offer a single price to all customers across many product categories, whether they are travelling to a duty paid or to a duty free destination. In this way, we pass on VAT savings for duty free passengers to all of our customers.

We guarantee that perfumes, aftershaves and other fragrances are 20% cheaper than downtown prices and we are also 15% cheaper than downtown prices for skincare and make up products. These savings apply to all passengers, regardless of whether or not they are flying to a duty free destination.

There are two separate prices for most of our alcohol products - the duty paid price and the duty free price, which is significantly cheaper. A one litre bottle of Jameson whiskey for example is currently priced at €21 duty free and €42 duty paid, while a one litre bottle of Kilbeggan whiskey is priced at €38 duty paid and €20 duty free.

Separately, we also have a range of premium liquor brands, including Hendricks Gin, Grey Goose vodka and Coole Swan liqueur, which have a single price for all destinations, whether they are duty free or duty paid. This offers significant discounts on downtown prices to all passengers, whether or not they are travelling to a duty free destination.

Boarding cards are scanned by ARI for a number of reasons. These include checking whether a passenger is travelling to a duty free or duty paid destination and understanding passenger spending patterns. In order for a passenger to buy duty free alcohol or tobacco, it is a requirement that the passenger in question can prove that they are travelling to a duty free destination.

We use this spending pattern information in conjunction with other market research to improve the retail offer in our stores, and to help plan staffing levels. This information also allows daa to assess the commercial potential of a new route or service, as we may have information on historic passenger spends for the destination and/or the airline in question.

The only information that is tracked is the item purchased, the airline, and the destination in question. We do not record any personal information in relation to passengers.

It is policy in our stores to ask that passengers present their boarding card when making a purchase, however if any passenger buying a non-duty free product does not wish to provide this information, we will still make the sale.