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Product Description

Product Description

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Cork Dry Gin is Ireland’s no.1 Gin. It’s uniquely refreshing taste comes from a complex flavour matrix of juniper oils, coriander, angelica and other rare botanicals combined with the finest quality triple distilled grain neutral spirit. Zingy citrus flavours of orange, lemon and lime exist throughout, while in the background a delectable coffee note shines through.

  • Product Description
    • %3Cp%3E%20Cork%20Dry%20Gin%20is%20Ireland%E2%80%99s%20no.1%20Gin.%20It%E2%80%99s%20uniquely%20refreshing%20taste%20comes%20from%20a%20complex%20flavour%20matrix%20of%20juniper%20oils%2C%20coriander%2C%20angelica%20and%20other%20rare%20botanicals%20combined%20with%20the%20finest%20quality%20triple%20distilled%20grain%20neutral%20spirit.%20Zingy%20citrus%20flavours%20of%20orange%2C%20lemon%20and%20lime%20exist%20throughout%2C%20while%20in%20the%20background%20a%20delectable%20coffee%20note%20shines%20through.%20%3C%2Fp%3E