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Confort Tonique
Dry Skin 400ml

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Product Description

Product Description

More Details

More Details

Reveal pure, naturally beautiful skin with Tonique Confort, moisturising toner from Lancôme.

Tonique Confort toning lotion hydrates and soothes dry skin while gently removing makeup and impurities from the surface. The unique skincare formula is enriched with sweet almond extract and honey to leave skin feeling clean, soft and comfortable.

  • Removes traces of make-up and impurities
  • Soothes skin
  • Softens skin
  • Clears complexion

Use Tonique Confort in the morning and/or evening as part of your daily skincare routine. Apply with a cotton round after cleaning your skin with your favourite Lancôme cleanser to help remove any remaining make-up or impurities.

  • Product Description
    • %3Cp%3E%20Reveal%20pure%2C%20naturally%20beautiful%20skin%20with%20Tonique%20Confort%2C%20moisturising%20toner%20from%20Lanc%C3%B4me.%3C%2Fp%3E%20%3Cp%3E%20Tonique%20Confort%20toning%20lotion%20hydrates%20and%20soothes%20dry%20skin%20while%20gently%20removing%20makeup%20and%20impurities%20from%20the%20surface.%20The%20unique%20skincare%20formula%20is%20enriched%20with%20sweet%20almond%20extract%20and%20honey%20to%20leave%20skin%20feeling%20clean%2C%20soft%20and%20comfortable.%3C%2Fp%3E%0A%3Cul%3E%0A%3Cli%3E%20Removes%20traces%20of%20make-up%20and%20impurities%20%3C%2Fli%3E%0A%3Cli%3E%20Soothes%20skin%20%3C%2Fli%3E%0A%3Cli%3E%20Softens%20skin%20%3C%2Fli%3E%0A%3Cli%3E%20Clears%20complexion%20%3C%2Fli%3E%0A%3Cul%3E
  • More Details
    • %3Cp%3E%20Use%20Tonique%20Confort%20in%20the%20morning%20and%2For%20evening%20as%20part%20of%20your%20daily%20skincare%20routine.%20Apply%20with%20a%20cotton%20round%20after%20cleaning%20your%20skin%20with%20your%20favourite%20Lanc%C3%B4me%20cleanser%20to%20help%20remove%20any%20remaining%20make-up%20or%20impurities.%20%3C%2Fp%3E