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VAT and Airport Shopping

VAT and Airport Shopping

At The Loop shops operated by ARI Ireland in Dublin and Cork Airports, we ensure a consistent pricing experience for all our valued customers, regardless of whether they are heading to a duty-paid or duty-free destination. This approach allows us to extend VAT savings to all our shoppers.

We proudly guarantee that our selection of perfumes, aftershaves, and fragrances is priced 20% lower than what you'll find in downtown stores. Moreover, our skincare and makeup products offer a remarkable 15% reduction compared to downtown prices. These fantastic savings are available to all passengers, regardless of their travel destination.

For alcohol products, we provide two distinct pricing options: the duty-paid price and the significantly more affordable duty-free price. As an example, a one-litre bottle of Jameson whiskey is currently priced at €21 duty-free and €42 duty-paid, while a one-litre bottle of Kilbeggan whiskey is available at €20 duty-free and €38 duty-paid.

Additionally, we showcase a selection of premium liquor brands, such as Hendricks Gin, Grey Goose Vodka, and Coole Swan Liqueur, with a unified price tag for all destinations, be it duty-free or duty paid. This translates into substantial savings compared to downtown prices, ensuring an attractive offer for all passengers, regardless of their duty-free status.

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