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Shop and Collect Service

For passengers travelling within the European Union*

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Step 1

Shop in store at the, no need to worry about liquid restrictions.

Step 2

Bring you shopping to the Shop and Collect desk in departures where we will store your shopping while you are away.

Step 3

Collect your shopping in the Arrivals hall at the Shop and Collect desk

The easy way to do your airport shopping. With Shop & Collect, there is no excuse not to buy that perfume, pair of shoes, suit or any other item that you really, really want.

Don't worry about weight, liquid restrictions or airline baggage allowances. We will store your shopping for you, free of charge. Then just collect it when you arrive back from your trip abroad.

*This is a service available to all passengers travelling within the EU. It is not available to passengers travelling to non-EU destinations as all liquor, tobacco, perfume, cosmetics and gifts must be exported to avail of the duty-free prices. 

How can I collect my shopping?

You will need to have photo identification, as well as proof of purchase, in order to collect your goods from the collection point.

Collection Points for Shop and Collect


Terminal 1 - The Shop & Collect desk in the Arrivals Hall 
Terminal 2 - In the Loop shop, just after leaving the Baggage Hall and immediately after exiting the Customs checkpoint

Phone: +353 1 814 5735 E-mail: Theloop.Dublin@Daa.Ie


Arrivals Hall - Information Desk 
Phone: +353 21 4329645 
E-mail: Theloop.Cork@Daa.Ie