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Authentic Blarney Luckstone

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Product Description

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Local Tradition In Blarney Identifies A Limestone Quarry On A Starch Hill In The Townland Of Killard As The Source Of Stone Used In Blarney Castle, Including The Blarney Stone.

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    • %3CP%3ELocal%20Tradition%20In%20Blarney%20Identifies%20A%20Limestone%20Quarry%20On%20A%20Starch%20Hill%20In%20The%20Townland%20Of%20Killard%20As%20The%20Source%20Of%20Stone%20Used%20In%20Blarney%20Castle%2C%20Including%20The%20Blarney%20Stone.%3C%2FP%3E