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Lansdowne Kids

Ireland Green Rugby Baby T-Shirt

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Product Description

Product Description

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The Lansdowne Collection was developed in honour of the great sporting legends to have played in the Lansdowne Road Stadium. The Range represents classically fashionable sportswear and functional attire with a unique Irish edge.

This range is made with breathable fabrics and premium stitching

  • Product Description
    • %3Cp%3E%20The%20Lansdowne%20Collection%20was%20developed%20in%20honour%20of%20the%20great%20sporting%20legends%20to%20have%20played%20in%20the%20Lansdowne%20Road%20Stadium.%20The%20Range%20represents%20classically%20fashionable%20sportswear%20and%20functional%20attire%20with%20a%20unique%20Irish%20edge.%3C%2Fp%3E%20%3Cp%3EThis%20range%20is%20made%20with%20breathable%20fabrics%20and%20premium%20stitching%3C%2Fp%3E