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Dark Chocolate Bar

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Product Description

Product Description

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Toblerone Dark Chocolate 400g is inspired by the Swiss Alps’ snow-covered summits, our iconic Toblerone Dark Chocolate Bar is molded into breathtaking peaks of luscious chocolate. Break off each crisp triangle of chocolate-covered honey and almond nougat for another ultimate bite!

  • Product Description
    • %3Cp%3EToblerone%20Dark%20Chocolate%20400g%C2%A0is%20inspired%20by%20the%20Swiss%20Alps%E2%80%99%20snow-covered%20summits%2C%20our%20iconic%20Toblerone%20Dark%20Chocolate%20Bar%20is%20molded%20into%20breathtaking%20peaks%20of%20luscious%20chocolate.%20Break%20off%20each%20crisp%20triangle%20of%20chocolate-covered%20honey%20and%20almond%20nougat%20for%20another%20ultimate%20bite%21%3C%2Fp%3E