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Home Fragrance Women's Fragrance Eau De Cologne Dark Amber & Ginger Lily Cologne Intense 100ml
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Jo Malone London

Dark Amber & Ginger Lily
Cologne Intense 100ml

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Product Description

Product Description

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Rare Kyara wood. Prized in the Kohdo ceremony, the highly ritualised Japanese art of incense appreciation. Enriched with amber and black orchid. Illuminated by the clean sensuality of black cardamom, ginger and water lily. Calm and relaxing.

  • Product Description
    • %3Cp%3ERare%20Kyara%20wood.%20Prized%20in%20the%20Kohdo%20ceremony%2C%20the%20highly%20ritualised%20Japanese%20art%20of%20incense%20appreciation.%20Enriched%20with%20amber%20and%20black%20orchid.%20Illuminated%20by%20the%20clean%20sensuality%20of%20black%20cardamom%2C%20ginger%20and%20water%20lily.%20Calm%20and%20relaxing.%3C%2Fp%3E