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Brexit FAQ's

Brexit FAQ's


  • Q. Will duty-free shopping return for passengers flying from Cork/Dublin Airport to the UK?
  • A. Yes, from 1st January 2021, all passengers travelling from Ireland to the UK can avail of duty-free prices on alcohol and tobacco products, as these are the only categories subject to excise duty by the Irish government.

  • Q. Are all products subject to duty?
  • A. No, the Irish government outlines that only certain goods are subject to excise duty, such as alcoholic beverages and tobacco products. So that means that duty-free prices will only be available on these categories.

  • Q. Why is there no duty-free on beauty products or why do some products have one price for all destinations?
  • A. Excise duty does not apply to beauty products. The Loop offers a single price across many product categories to all customers, whether they are travelling to an EU (duty paid) or to a non-EU (duty-free) destination. In this way, we pass on VAT savings for duty free passengers to all our customers. We offer at least 15% cheaper than downtown prices for our beauty products.

  • Q. Shouldn’t all products be cheaper now?
  • A. No, we already pass on a VAT saving and these savings apply to all passengers, regardless of whether they are flying to a non-EU (duty-free) destination. This discount structure is in place in both Cork and Dublin Airport and will not change.

  • Q. What allowances will passengers have when flying to the UK from 1st January 2021?
  • Alcohol
  • 42 litres of beer, 18 litres of still wine, 4 litres of apirits OR 9 litres of sparkling wine, fortified wine or any alcoholic beverage less than 22% ABV.

  • Tobacco
  • 200 Cigarettes OR 100 cigarillos OR 50 cigars OR 250g tobacco OR 200 sticks of tobacco for heating OR any proportional combination of the above.

  • . How much Duty-Free product am I allowed to bring on my return journey from the UK back into Ireland?
  • Alcohol
  • 16 litres of beer, 4 litres of still wine, 1 litre of spirits OR 2 litres of sparkling wine, fortified wine or any alcoholic beverage less than 22% ABV.

  • Tobacco
  • 200 cigarettes OR 100 cigarillos OR 50 cigars OR 250g tobacco OR any propportional combination of the above.

  • Q. I am an Irish resident flying to the UK and I want to buy Duty-Free on my way out at Dublin/Cork Airport. Can I use Shop & Collect?
  • A. From 1st January 2021, all passengers flying to the UK can avail of our complimentary Shop & Collect service on all products, excluding alcohol and tobacco. If your basket includes mixed products, for example, alcohol and beauty products, your basket may be separated and you can avail of Shop & Collect on qualifying products, as outlined above.

  • Q. How do you benchmark your prices?
  • A. Our price policies are underpinned by rigorous price audits conducted on a regular basis by an independent external agency. The audits compare prices across thousands of products with those of high street retailers. Given the high/low pricing strategy of other retailers and the fast-moving nature of the retail environment, there are occasions when a small range of products may be sourced temporarily at a lower price online or on the high street due to limited price promotions.

  • Q. Are there any implications for online shopping on arising from Brexit?
  • A. As it currently stands, when travelling to a non-EU (duty-free) destination, you can purchase all products online at, excluding tobacco. Therefore, from 1st January 2021, this will also apply to those travelling to the UK.